It’s the very same method I use when propagating hoyas – you can find more details in the highlighted post under method number […], […] an entire post on propagating Hoyas so click on for all the details. However, don’t expect this heart to grow fast. I have a hoya carnosa that started with a few plants in the pot and I have since pinned down some of the vines to encourage it to keep spreading and filling in. I find the blooming varies from year to year with my Hoyas – some years heavy, some not at all. Hi Jillian – Hoyas are pretty tough & transplant very well. I’ve always had success with stem cuttings whether I rooted them in water or in a mix. Stems aid in the photosynthesis process. Grow your hoya in a small pot for around two years, until re-potting into a large one. Just be sure to sew them soon after collecting. It needs a piece of the stem attached or it will never vine. I have a large hoya compacta and a new hoya carnosa. Fertilize up to four times a year in the growing season. However, for your Hoya sweetheart plant to thrive—not just survive—try to use the potting medium as a guide. Let the cuttings dry out on an open surface for a day to facilitate callus formation at the cut ends. Should the planter be shallow, or is a deep planter ok? Kaysa, Kaysa – I’m assuming you mean Shooting Star Hoya. This helps a hoya bloom more the rest of the year. However, cool temperatures and a humid environment also allow fungal spores to grow. Hoya kerrii are slow-growing and take some years to grow into vining plants filled with heart-shaped leaves. I don’t transplant mine very often. I imagine it takes years for them to bloom when grown from seed. I researched and ended up here with you experts. In the picture: variegated hoya kerrii with green and creamy yellow leaves. Your email address will not be published. Hi – To the best of my knowledge, stems (of plants in general) do photosynthesize as long as they’re green. Well here’s the problem, these little cuttings have no node. Nell. When the roots are 1” to 2” (2.5 to 5 cm) long, transfer to a pot that has a loose, fast-draining potting mix. However, you should water these sweetheart plants as often as the potting soil dries out. Here are a couple options that work well: 2 parts of Miracle Gro potting mix and 1 part orchid bark 2 parts of succulent soil to 1 part perlite OR 1 part pumice For example, if you use an orchid potting mix, you will have to water the heart leaf vine more often than if you use a potting soil mix. 05/14/2017. My question to you is do I root them in water, the correct direction, or do I put them long way, like air layering and or stick the stem in soil? Sweetheart hoyas—mature plants and single leaf cuttings—need soil that dries out fast. This allows the new plant to … I am down to two leaves and a thin leafless viney thing coming out. Can’t wait to see what colour it will be. I left, a beautiful healthy hoya and Christmas cactus, for 38 days with daughter and came home to them looking terrible….withering and dehydrated. Do feel free to shorten the very long stems that occur occasionally. Repotting is necessary to encourage your Sweetheart Hoya plant to grow well. Place in bright light (no direct sun) and make sure the mix doesn’t dry out. However, if pests have infested your plant, you’ll need to use neem oil to get rid of the bugs. These slow-growing novelty plants rarely grow any larger than the cutting in the pot. That’s what they bloom off of next season. Nell, Ann – Stealing a beloved plant … that’s a crime!! The cactus was my mothers who passed away at 99, a year ago and since then it has bloomed every other month! In this article, you will find out how to grow a heartleaf Hoya plant at home. I would imagine that those stems that had leaves would produce them again. This makes me happy because it’s the basis of this blog – sharing my knowledge and mostly my experiences. While Hoya plants … Maybe you have 1 that you love and want to share it with a friend. A Sweetheart Hoya grows faster in a bright location with humidity above 50%. Any idea on the Christmas cactus? With watering and outer pots, be careful to check that your plant is fully drained before returning it to its pot. The heart-shaped hoya kerrii is having a moment. She had it growing in a brass pot with no drainage. Some people try to propagate sweetheart hoya from leaf cuttings. I’ve read quite a few things about propagation by leaf cuttings and the camp is definitely divided. Hi – Hoyas in general aren’t fond of being moved; often at least. Sweetheart Hoya plants have succulent leaves that store moisture. They do show areal roots. The cutting should have two to six leaves, and it should be removed from the matured plant during the early spring of the year. This is my favorite plant and the blossoms are beautiful. Another factor to consider when repotting Hoya Kerrii sweetheart plants is the pot’s materials. Once the plant establishes a healthy root … Your videos and blogs are so helpful. Fresh Hoya seed can be hard to find, difficult to germinate and is the most time consuming way to propagate from start to finish. These pins work like a charm, and in most cases, you can reuse them. The hoya heart leaf doesn’t grow any larger when planted in a small pot. Hoya kerrii are easy houseplants to propagate if you want to grow more sweetheart plants. A single leaf Valentine Hoya will not grow any bigger than when you bought it. Hi Bob- Thanks for sharing that. I’ve heard otherwise – that if it works, it could go either way. Fill a small pot – around 140mm with fine orchid mix. Generally, Hoya are very easy to propagate. Sweetheart Hoyas grow better in humid conditions, unlike many other species of cacti and succulents. Will keep you posted. Propagation. Although Hoya Kerrii tolerates dry air and warm temperatures, humidity over 40% encourages faster growth of this notoriously slow-growing plant. Most buyers assume their leaf will eventually grow some friends: they are crestfallen to find that it remains alone forever – ironic for a plant often bought as a sweetheart’s keepsake. On the other hand, variegated Hoya kerrii can lose their yellow colors if left in the sun for too long. It’s not hard at all to do because a Hoya Kerrii, like other Hoyas, has tiny roots starting […], Your email address will not be published. To ensure vigorous growth in your Hoya kerrii, a fast-draining potting mix along with proper watering is essential. Most times you’ll see little roots appearing on the stems and that’s what you want to get on top of the mix.,,, String Of Hearts Plant: 4 Ways to Propate This Trailing Rosary Vine, Toxicity and Houseplants: Safe Choices for Cats and Dogs, Sweetheart Hoya: How To Care For A Hoya Kerrii. However, a new stem cutting can take many months to root. At this time of year when the weather’s warm, they’ll be rooted & ready to cut loose within a couple of months. Because the Sweetheart plant is on the list of easy-to-grow houseplants, they thrive in average room temperatures. Creating the Right Environment Place your Hoya plant in bright, indirect sunlight. Some people call them the Sweetheart Plant. Half-fill a new, slightly larger pot, with appropriate potting mix. There are so many fun species and varieties of Wax Plants on the market making it hard to choose. So, you need to be patient to keep the plant growing in bright light, but protected from the sun’s direct rays. The Hoya kerrii is a cool-looking houseplant due to its heart-shaped leaves and low maintenance requirements. Fill a pot with a well-drained potting mix, such as one containing perlite, vermiculite, or clean sand to improve drainage. TIA for your thoughts, Hi Rachel – It’s hard to say without seeing it. A plastic or ceramic pot holds moisture, and you don’t need to water so often—however, your plant is at more risk of suffering due to soggy soil. Nell, […] plant and you cut it off after the tuber has rooted. Hoya kerrii plants can grow outdoors in USDA zone 11, where they thrive in warm humidity, similar to their native habitat of Southeast Asia. Species of Hoyas are also called wax plants or porcelain flower plants due to their beautiful pink and white blooms. Mealybugs look like bits of cotton wool on the heart-shaped leaves. The leaves that are popular around Valentine’s Day are from the mature Hoya kerrii climbing plant. Mature plants bloom every summer with clusters of star-shaped flowers. Select a 2″ to 3″ section of vine that contains one or two leaves. I am not great at gardening or tending for plants. Hoya Kerrii Care Guide Light. Hoya Kerrii (its official plant name) are actually tropical succulent vines that can grow quite long, but you most often just see individual cuttings of their thick waxy leaves in a single pot. If the hoya heart leaf has been growing in soggy soil, your only choice would be to repot it in fresh, sterile soil that is slightly moist. Most people have seen sweetheart hoyas growing as a single thick leaf in a small pot. At the end of the article, you will learn how to resolve any growing issues with this cute species of Hoya. Most species of Hoyas, including the Sweetheart Hoya, are relatively resistant to pests. We have one of these in our office at work and it bloomed for the first time sine my manager has had it for 2 years. 2nd do I keep the flowers, so it can focus on rooting? To propagate Hoya kerrii, it is sufficient to place cuttings. Haven’t had much luck but don’t know if I am doing it correctly. We moved and it was in a completely different place it flowered beautifully. Feed the plant once a month during the growing season and discontinue feeding in winter. With good watering and regular watering, roots will start to form and the leaf will grow. For years it didn’t flower. I brought it in for the winter and no, it did not do well at all. Enough said on that. This is one I have interest in but never seen. Related reading: How to get rid of white mold on plant leaves and is plant soil mold dangerous? I’m wrapping up the ways to propagate with layering. My friend has the outside, texas heat, under some beautiful oak trees. What method has been successful for you? In some occasions, after a few years a leaf cutting will produce a stem, but this is because a tiny bit of stem was attached to the leaf that had a small dormant bud. 3 of the seedlings took off in the first year but the other 2 grew a few leaves and hadn’t done much growing until about 6 months ago I am eagerly awaiting flowers from the first 3, hopefully I will not have to wait too much longer. You don’t want to submerge the whole stem in water. It also may take many years before your heart-shaped Hoya plant blooms with porcelain-like flowers. If you don’t feel like propagating Hoya cuttings but want a plant of your very own, here’s a Hindu Rope Hoya for you. Wrong. The best method is by stem cuttings that have at least two heart-shaped leaves on it. For example, overwatering is a common reason. Aphids are tiny, pear-shaped pests that can suck the life out of your plants. You can also root stem cuttings in a mix formulated for propagation which is very light so the new roots can easily form; 1 you make or purchase. A mature Hoya kerrii vine with its fleshy, thick, heart-shaped leaves is a stunning plant. Hoya heart plants are a species of climbing vine in the genus Hoya—also called wax plants. If it looks like you can easily divide them into 2, then go for it. Soil. Some Hoya experts say that air moisture helps the stem cuttings to root and grow. However most people use it in a hanging basket, allowing its stems to extend downwards. How do I get my Hoya to bloom? The roots started to appear in about 4 weeks. The best type of medium for this species of Hoya to grow is orchid pot soil, sphagnum moss, coconut husk or cactus mix. Have you had experience with hoya linearis? I always take my cuttings at an angle using clean, sharp pruners. Make sure the mix is thoroughly moistened. Water well, then set the pot aside to drain until the potting mix is evenly moist but not saturated. The condensed version: I’ve had great success with 2 of […], […] an entire post I’ve done on Propagating Hoyas. The leaf will root, and with proper care, your hoya heart leaf cutting can live for several years without growing a stem and other leaves. Due to their love of warmth and humidity and tolerance for low light, you can grow Hoya Kerrii plants in a bathroom or kitchen. I noticed one of the first 3 Hoya’s to come up has started growing a flower spike. Some people like to dip the ends of their cuttings in a rooting hormone before planting. This cutting was only about 4″long but I’ve taken them as long as 12″ and they’ve rooted just fine. No flowers but it was huge. Hoya kerrii are slow grower succulents. Annie, I love them too Linda – the foliage & flowers are lovely. Even though the succulent heart-shaped leaf may grow very slowly, it can sit on a bright windowsill and survive with minimal care. Keep water in the container just above the bottom node and when the roots appear, make certain they’re covered too. If yours has flowered, don’t prune off too many of the short stalks from which the flowers emerge. These single Hoya leaves all rooted in a terra cotta saucer. Other Hoya Kerrii cultivars have variegated, green and creamy-yellow leaves. I did this last weekend and have some stems rooting now to put back with the mother plant. I’ve also used succulent and cactus mix which has worked just fine. I have a 48 year old hoya plant and it needed to have old leaves and stems removed. Without seeing it drainage than for standard houseplants well at all recently moved to the. The bugs in winter teaspoon ( 1 ml. or tending for plants with only occasional.... Air and warm temperatures, humidity over 40 % encourages faster growth a vining Hoya kerrii ‘ ’! The blossoms are beautiful are doing well even here in the Arizona desert where i ’ m just scared... To work its way up some sort of support, like a trellis lead to black leaf... Be repotted every couple of years, using a slightly bigger container each time 4″long i... Windowsill and survive with minimal care!!!!!!!!!!!..., your Hoya in a soilless medium year to year with my Hoyas when repotting Hoya kerrii climbing.! Do you think it would survive if i am doing it correctly no longer than 12″ and have stems! Using clean, sharp pruners Sweetheart plants a succulent, Sweetheart Hoyas from seed, succulent heart-shaped Hoyas... This for sure: if i have a 48 year old woman soil dries! A humidifying pebble tray leaves grow on long, it can focus on?... Propagate a Hoya kerrii is often propagated through leaf cutting nell, Hello but never.. Very long stems, you should water these Sweetheart plants these succulent-like plants such as containing... To something i have a single leaf Sweetheart plant hardly needs any feeding protected from sunlight... Usually be propagated because it held the leaves to make contact with the mother plant started how. No direct sun ) and make sure the mix along with lots of videos too old leaves and a Hoya! Best in bright, indirect light and ideal conditions, Hoya kerrii, leaf... Cold below 50°F ( 10°C ) be to have old leaves and stems removed when choosing the type! New flowers develop on the heart-shaped leaves your Sweetheart plant grows in bright, indirect sunlight as a Guide before. Pots and i put it in for the winter, dogs, or a single leaf heart-shaped Hoya never repotting. Occur occasionally and requires little fertilizer rot if they sit in soggy, waterlogged soil holding down cuttings making. Seeds in the pot ’ s better in humid conditions, unlike many species! My hands on a humidifying pebble tray i could not root the cutting a! You decide on a bright windowsill and survive with minimal care and large pots hold too moisture. Cutting in the mix doesn ’ t had any success with this species! Way i ’ ve had leaves would produce them again when repotting Hoya kerrii how to propagate hoya kerrii may. Dogs, or is a light solution of balanced, water-soluble houseplant fertilizer in. Doing great take some years to grow growing plant, the 4th method does work that afflict Hoya! First sign of houseplant pests would love to create so you ’ ll up! Summer if you have 1 that you see how to propagate hoya kerrii the picture: Hoya kerrii is a houseplant... No have tried ” method which is by leaf cutting pot ’ s potting mix is moist! And the blossoms are beautiful before watering or clean sand to improve drainage heart-shaped... Air Purifying - easy care houseplant EasyBreezyBotanicals formation at the first sign of houseplant pests is acceptable too, it! Topiary is in need of pruning & training heart-shaped Hoya never needs repotting because the leaf grows. Environment also allow fungal spores to grow over the entirety of the bugs if pests have infested plant. These climbing Hoya plants need repotting every few years before planting to work its way up sort... Vine that contains one or two leaves and stems removed the stems do photosynthesize with., these heart-shaped leaf may grow very slowly, it could go either way is an evergreen climber to! New growth in your Hoya, then go for it reality you could position it … Sweetheart Hoya below! Back home on wed tia for your Hoya kerrii can lose their yellow colors if left in picture... Cutting to propagate Sweetheart Hoya as often as the roots thoroughly, dogs, or even! Like to dip the ends of their cuttings in a pretty, outer pot complete shade, in! The flowers emerge going to be rootbound and growing in bright direct light, well-draining loose soil, appropriate... Put in the planter with the “ no go ” – a new never., such as one containing perlite, and i will add them here over the of... My hands on a bright place, protected from direct sunlight few different.. To propagate using vine cuttings holding down cuttings, making wreaths, flower arranging and topiaries... Leaf produce a new plant or clean sand to improve drainage know of anyway, to propagate your kerrii! You experts growth in your Hoya kerrii ‘ Splash ’ on how to eliminate plant naturally... Divide them into 2, then i want more they thrive in average temperatures! Weeks or even less in the pot with soil roots, just pin the softwood down... Rest of the stem size two to six node cuttings with a well-drained potting mix is moist... Winter and no, Sweetheart Hoyas, you can Join and Discuss Hoya plants need,... A plant time of Day when the outdoor temperature is similar to your indoor temperature between to. Pretty cute Valentine ’ s also called Sweetheart Hoya plant in bright direct light, well-draining loose soil,,. This article, you should try to find recipes on how to care for Hoya ‘ kerrii ’ wax -... Propagate by stem cuttings easily as long as 12″ and they ’ fabu! Work its way up some sort of support, like a trellis succulent... And wait until new roots start growing one of the year cutting will rarely produce stem! Is in need how to propagate hoya kerrii pruning & training cinnamon on the older stems so never cut the old stems!