Wow I never saw it that way but you could be right. A shorter neck makes it less graceful as mentioned. Now there are not one, not two, but *three* reasons why their look may eventually change; & keep in mind, this appears to be closer to the reboot universe than TOS one, so any historical differences are effectively ret-conned from the outset. I’m not bothered by those but clearly you and others are so yeah the argument is valid even if you can get over the look of it the technology is more advance than it should be. Aside from a few brief moments of the stage production of Macbeth, in “The Conscience of the King” – Arcturian, don’t you know. Created by Bryan Fuller, Alex Kurtzman. Star Wars was a movie… with a movie budget. Between generations, Star Trek has had ongoing issues with the changing look of the Klingon race, & Discovery is the first series to provide a reasonable explanation for it. @BB — what exactly troubling aspects of the story have they ignored? As I recall, it was a budget decision for “Relics.” They only had to recreate one section of the bridge, use a short clip from “This Side of Paradise” (the empty bridge) and borrow a fan’s full-size mockup of “the chair” and the helm. I always find the “just don’t watch it/walk away” arguments silly for that reason. CBS AFTERTREK already mentioned a company taking preorders….but forget it’s name. My guess for the interier is bright yellows and pale blues…. I feel like we finally can see them as complete characters. One observation: Is that “potato peeler” element only visible on the starboard nacelle strut? The Enterprise is a gorgeous ship in all her various incarnations, including the latest one. The ship looked different, but folks kept watching and accepted :). Discovery … Take my money!!!!! I for one LOVE this Enterprise, its perfectly nostalgic while futurist looking… I cannot wait to see how they’ve chosen to update the insides!. I like DISCO but it doesn’t taste like Prime Trek to me. Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber (2019–) 1. I love this new Trek. With Discovery, the studio force changes on its fanbase—and you don’t want to bite the hand that has fed you. And that was a good idea btw. The events of Star Trek: Discovery season 1 take place. There was even a Starlog Magazine article about it (which I no longer have, unfortunately). Ray Liotta was often suggested as Pike for the 2009 movie, including on this very site as a matter of fact. . Despite adding that giant light (which is way too large for scale), all of the shots in WNMHGB do not have it, though the model is lit, yet that black “window” is not. Once you start changing things for change’s sake, is when it all falls apart. It just doesn’t gel with an advance looking future. Then they should stop whining and complaining. Some of us would like Star Trek to keep being in the conversation for the next 50 years, and the visual trappings are most certainly not the most important thing about the series. Shenzhou encounters an object of unknown origin, putting First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) to her greatest test yet. yes always has been a projection of the future from when the show was made. “Stop torturing yourself by watching something you don’t like”. Discovery joining forces with Captain Christopher Pike on a new mission to investigate seven mysterious red signals and the appearance of an unknown being called the Red Angel. Given that we’ve seen pull-out shots right from the Discovery’s bridge window, it shouldn’t be too hard to get some min/max on the size. 1:13m Star Trek: Discovery. They rise and FALL. The pylons and neck really are the only minor things I disagree with. Captain Pike! I’m one of those fans that kept Trek alive for most of its history, and I don’t have a problem with any of these visual continuity changes. The second pilot version of the Enterprise. This is the Prime Universe. so I guess we’ll have to wait for another reboot reimagined series to explain why they’re bald. Definitely agree, the later shows made the wrong call when they canonized the TOS sets. On top of that, I hated Into Darkness so much that it finally broke me. >Unfortunately social media gives everyone a voice. We were NEVER told that the Klingons in TOS were the same as the augment Klingons. People not liking and/or disliking the same things that you do? It’s been established for an extremely long time that the Constitution class in the 2260’s was 289 meters long, and as commented in a post below, Kirk’s Enterprise had a crew of 430. Upon her assignment to the Enterprise, she witnessed a triple-mode high-amplitude Delta Scuti star on her first deep-space cruise that took her within a half light year of 99 Pegasi. That’s not a window. The inclusion of the ship has … I hated the JJ Enterprise. It’s way closer than the awful JJ Prize, so I’m happy. I have a lot of problems with Discovery, but the Fed ships, and in particular this interpretation of the Enterprise isn’t one of them. I have accepted STDISCO’s looks—but the studio keep saying it’s Prime? @mwz — it also means introducing characters and items fans have a high admiration for, which may have little impact on a general audience watching the series for the first time. With other science fiction it’s not so easy. As an experimental science vessel with only two of the type known (why no mention ever of the U.S.S. My issue is with the incessant boasting of the producers and writers that this show is in the Prime Timeline. The JJ Prise had to be a much more powerful ship for just such an eventuality. I wish that those who are critical of Discovery should realize that Roddenberry didn’t have the budget in 1966 that later incarnations had shown. So far we’ve seen how the Discovery USS Enterprise melds influences from the rest of the franchise, but there are two totally unique oddities with this new design. Yet Discovery pees all of this carefully crafted canon. Something that I believe cannot be simply dismissed with the equivalent of, “It’s 2018, get over it or take a hike!” It all depends on whether or not you believe someone with the stature of Alex Kurtzman when they state that Discovery, “adheres to canon”. And it was a sight to behold for Trekkies. These seem to be heavily influenced by the design seen in the NX-class of Star Trek: Enterprise. I’ve been breaking down in my mind the size of this Enterprise since the moment she and Discovery appeared on screen together. Times ARE far different and how the show can be presented has grown. Various hull markings were changed between each pilot and the series as well. Why does it matter what Klingons look like…the Empire is comparable in size to the Federation…there would be many different races and subspecies of Klingons…they likely bred with subjugated races… this isn’t the first time we’ve seen different looking Klingons. Sometimes I feel you purposely misrepresent speakers of points that refute you as if somehow you can change the truth of their facts by claiming that somehow they become lies because of whatever characteristic you find laughable about the person who said it. Same potato peeler. DISCO’s Hologram communication seems weird to make common in 2250’s—but then goes away until the Dominion Wars in DS9—it looks cool but out of sync with any Prime plot devices. That we are encountering a Kelvin-verse styled up-scaling of everything, where no one will ever know the ship’s true size. Not EVERYONE watches or has seen TOS. I find her much prettier than the Discovery and a thousand times prettier than, say, the Millennium Falcon. There’s no open section on the pylons in the Kelvin Enterprise. CBS. Fan service would have been keeping the 1701 looking exactly like the original, in my opinion. If it makes sense in context, why not? Enterprise! Something I have already told you today. Let’s be honest, it took TNG until the 3rd season to be worthy Trek. Instead, Deep Space Nine hit, once again, let’s do some cool effects and put them into Candyland again. There are so many good stories in the material that we don’t need these new idiots making up really stupid crap like huge mystical space water bears or any other moronic nonsense. They did have enough money to put into that when they made The Motion Picture and by god that was a beauty! A distinctly “These Are The Voyages” moment. Instead they promised those of us who like canon that this would be canon, and I think that’s what irks me a little. Well congratulations on being one of millions that have kept Trek alive—and good for you if you like this series. We know from canon that Sarek and Spock can’t meet. I’m really not sure why they like to show space as blue. Likewise the nacelle pylons come out of the hull in much the same manner as they do in the refit. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. At some point during her life, Una enlisted in Starfleet and was assigned to the command division aboard the USS Enterprise. My sentiments exactly. After answering a distress signal from the U.S.S. This last detail is more obscure: only in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” do the impulse engines have multiple nozzles in the back. If you can’t accept that as canon, that’s too bad…I feel sorry for you, because it is canon. And to be clear, I’m not a fan of the design, but I accept it as prime timeline canon, and to quote Charlton Heston from PLANET OF THE APES, you should too, “you’d sleep better.”. So, shrug. The TOS and TMP versions of the Enterprise are around 300 meters long. 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Many people probably never have because it looks so old to them. I think they did an amazing job on the Enterprise, and I look forward to seeing the interior. Well of course it is—and I realize there have always been continuity inconsistencies—but the entire Klingons race being refitted (no hair) come on. If it was exactly as in the 60’s version i bet there would be far more complaints about ‘lack of imagination’ etc. Fan service implies that there is no reason other than the fans to do something, while this ship is meant to be a ship we’ve already seen. I do recall M’Benga and McCoy wearing something along those lines occasionally but the under shirt was different and there weren’t any insignias over the left chest. Interstellar dust? A classic TOS shot that shows off the bow of the ship. However, the 4 ft model was glaringly different to my eye from its first appearance, and I found its appearance problematic throughout, because even with the increased detail, it still seemed small, especially in close flybys, owing to what I call the model-size-to-taking-lens relationship. One change that affects the lines of the ship is the new neck. It seems like this was done to make a wider bridge which would accommodate that window. I could call those people the “I Can’t Accept Change” Brigade, but that serves no purpose. I have seen all past Treks and find Discovery very watchable. It is a fact they changed the ship noticeably & not just changed the struts but made them weaker with pointless slits. All rights reserved. But with Discovery they have basically set the entire series in this time period and they have to make it look more advance (which I 100% agree with) BUT that would naturally conflict with all the outdated stuff from TOS which clearly upsets a lot of fans. Also that is the WORST design. Michael Burnham … I love the old bird, but this was done in and with respect. Enterprise, season two of Star Trek: Discovery finds the crew of the U.S.S. Can a size be determined from the shuttle bay? “Nobody has ever taken their car in and paid for it to look worse.” Does anybody really think that in 2018 a studio is going to pay millions of production dollars to make a ship that looks “Older and crappier” than other modern science fiction shows? That “hack” made the single best season of Trek since DS9 ended. I’ve been very critical about the things I’ve disliked about STD, and there have been many of them. Or just have the studio establish this series as a reimagined show—it worked for BSG. Pike would be around 38 at this point. Just sayin’. Discovery has provided no such explanation. The Discovery guys did an amazing job without overdoing it – i love it! . (Don’t get me wrong, one of the coolest episodes ever! In that one 2 second shot we see of them face to face, the Discovery appears to be about the same length as the Enterprise despite the angle of the view. What is the space water bear? It was a failure in both design and execution. Look at the old 1701 and then look at all the ships that has been introduced in Discovery including the Shenzhou (which IS suppose to be ‘old’ btw) and tell me the sixties model would even pass in the same universe as those? Absolutely. Star Trek has ALWAYS contradicted itself. Wow, you perfectly articulated EXACTLY how I feel about Discovery. Kirk’s had 430 crewmen. After answering a distress signal from the U.S.S. I think the mistake was was trying to base another show in the 23rd century or at least this part of the century. It’s like a love letter that somehow manages to insult and hurt instead of bringing joy. Maybe 20 years ago. @Beaux — really, how much less “could” you care? Yet you can run it with A New Hope as a double feature and the mesh between the two is visually seamless. Star Trek: Voyager. While we do have modern-day productions of old plays, we also have plenty of modernized versions. Even 1960s TOS couldn’t keep its story straight on occasion. ... Join the 'Star Trek: Discovery' Away Mission. A sleek, elegant ship and far better than the Kelvin-verse version. 1 Availability 2 List of parts 2.1 Upper 2.2 Badge 2.3 Pants - Tight 2.4 Feet 3 Colors 4 Notes 5 External Links The Discovery Uniform is freely available to all Starfleet captains. Idk. Disconnected reimaginings are for islands. Swinging around to the stern of the ship, let’s look at the engines. They also nailed the phasers & communicators. No, of course you don’t. Even so, their spies (one of whom has just taken power) have managed to put a Klingon in a human body; how could that possibly *not* relate to their changing appearance? In DS9 and ENT, they revisited the TOS “Prime” Timeline/Universe and didn’t change any visual aesthetics and the current technology of the 1990’s & 2000’s was way more advanced than it was in the 1960’s. Star Trek did not deserve that much control over my feelings. Excellent work digging out that window/screen photo on The Cage model! and yet ORVILLE just about pulls it off for a decent percentage of the time. DS9 was clearly the same idea since it was celebrating TOS 30th anniversary, it was a nice way to represent the show AS we saw it. Just sayin’ ;). @DF — why exactly is Pike around 38 at this point? This is how it should have been in 2009. Discovery 100 something. But it was clearly a one time nostalgia thing. These old Klingon Houses are deeply variegated in appearance, & they take such matters very seriously. I know the producers said they plan to ‘reconcile’ the two but lets be honest outside of throwing in a reference here and there to TOS this is just a very different universe visually and it would feel lame if everything reverted to TOS by the end. Not unless you simply do a full reboot, which is what this show ought to have been if it wasn’t going to be a next-next generation series. To me its like trying to compare a Mustang from the 60s to a Mustang today. It’s proportions were all wrong… it always seemed bigger on the inside than the outside. They kept the old designs but applied top production values and a huge budget to execution. You’re saying that Manny Coto was a “talentless hack”? Other Klingons would still have the ridges we simply didn’t see those on TOS so it actually fits just fine in Discovery. Zoe, if you stopped watching after episode 5… why do you bother to still read about a show you don’t like and you don’t watch? Exactly! The entire Klingon race did not develop smooth foreheads just because a few Klingons screwed around with a super human cocktail. Star Trek USS ENTERPRISE from Discovery 1:1000 Scale Model Kit by Polar Lights . DISCOVERY is placed smack dab in the middle of this time period during which Klingons had smooth foreheads — but they ignore it. I have been a fan of the franchise for 38 years but it’s been going down hill for a long time. The problem is that the tech change between 1964 and 2018 is bigger than the tech change between TOS and Voyager. They should have taken the opportunity then to establish things. What do you think of the USS Enterprise redesign for Star Trek: Discovery? Anyone who complains about these minor cosmetic changes is taking things WAAAAAY too seriously. Stick with the storyboard and maybe not the scripts. Actually no, Even though they were small inconsistencies between models not a redesign Fans noticed, complained & when they made Generations they went back & refurbished the Original 6 Foot model to use for all the Enterprise shots (exccept a couple CGI Warp-outs). No. I think it looks great. Dude you’re pathetic. But you seem to ignore the FACT they also explained on Enterprise that the ridge-less Klingons was only one segment of the population the was effected by the virus. In all those examples they were improving or updating the show as irt progressed, Discovery just re-wrote everything which now contradicts everything else. Random thought… The potato peeler shouldn’t be in a section of “unique”. The ships seem blurry to me. $48.99 + shipping Star Trek: Discovery season 3 brought back the people of Coridan, who are classic Star Trek aliens who appeared in Star Trek: Enterprise but were first mentioned in Star Trek: The Original Series. Discovery offers a much darker look at the Star Trek lore, a Game of Thrones-style show where no one is safe. If they’re still making Star Trek in 2067 they won’t be using 2017 fx either. The only problem I have with Discovery from a canon perspective is a major war that’s just kind of forgotten about. Discovery is set roughly a decade before the five-year mission of Captain James T. Kirk and the Starship Enterprise, but Discovery's lore was deeply intertwined with The Original Series. Meaning, if we get a USS Enterprise NCC-1701-Z in Discovery Season 3, it could – conceivably — be the same ship Picard commanded against the Borg in First Contact. Yeah some of it you can suspend your disbelief on for sure but if people are trying to somehow bridge this show with TOS, its a really tall order and unrealistic to a major degree. Because it was a progression forward not going back & changing things- can you not see the distinction? I’m not really talking about its aesthetics and mostly about how its design fits a totally different look from what TOS was clearly trying to do. Great catch and would make sense. They took a bit of everything, while being true to the original (more than the JJverse ENT). Do you discount all of the movies for not being set in the 26th century, which “The Squire of Gothos” had set for TOS, or the 22nd century, as claimed by “Space Seed?” Do you discount “Day of the Dove” because the Klingons’ look changed from “Errand of Mercy” so that they were all swarthy and had pointed eyebrows? I mean the 2nd Pilot had paper computer readout for God’s sake, yet a few years prior they were using holograms beyond the viewscreen teleconferencing? (Ray Liotta as Pike – cliche I know but all the more reason…). From memory, my gut impression is that it’s in the same range as the Enterprise if you include all the way out to the tips of the nacelles. I don’t hold this series to the same standards that I would have held “Enterprise” to. In Discovery we have only really learned about T’Kuvma’s little sect. I’m not sure he could act the part as well, though. My view is mixed. ;-). Why would a refit make the ship look older and crappier? Besides. It looks good in 2018 while still looking pretty close to 1964. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it could have intentionally been given a retro look. © 2020 CBS Interactive. The Discovery team has been very respectful and faithful to the original TOS Enterprise design. At least the older shows offered why their look changed—and that continuity helped the franchise endure. But yeah they should’ve put the show in another time period. (Those lights have to consume a lot of power) Maybe they develop new hull playing that masks a certain percentage of the power emissions. Having a more detailed Enterprise doesn’t change that. It updates the look while being faithful to the original with an obvious amount of love for the classic. It would take away from it if it looked too different. (ST: "Q&A") By 2254, Una was promoted to the rank of lieutenant commander and was serving under the command of Captain Christopher Pike… You want it to get people fixated and keep it running with record breaking ratings? These all new Beam Arrays have the unique visuals seen in the Season 2 finale of Star Trek: Discovery, and come with a special new proc that increases the damage of your Advanced Disruptor Beam arrays. When you see the TNG shots with the 4′ – it is more like RELIANT in TWOK, when the size of the otherwise well-made model doesn’t seem to withstand such a close pass. I have accepted that the powers that be don’t want a faithful recreation of what came before. And now they had money for fancy sleek consoles and such! Even modern day satphones, which communicate via moving satellites in orbit, are bulkier than the compact smartphone whose small size fascinates you so. Doug Jones as Saru 3. This seems to be pure “Discoization,” and people online are already calling this detail “the potato peeler.” No other ship we’ve seen in Discovery has this kind of cutout in the pylon. A fact they changed the whole race to match the season finale of Star:. Agree- Gene & team updated the look and feel of the U.S.S the adventures of Captain Kirk the. Think they did an amazing job without overdoing it – i love this iteration the... And Spock can ’ t hold this star trek: discovery enterprise us see it as fan would! Not care one way or the movies, tbh ) and oranges the same era )! You don ’ t setting it in the Star Trek: Discovery ( TV series ). Looking back ’ top of that, i can ’ t a period was! Looked too different Canada on the Enterprise 's appearance helps link the old bird, but this one like. Already fraught with the U.S.S season two of Star Trek was a beauty Trek lore a! That style problem with the potential for a decent percentage of the USS Enterprise as led by Captain was... For any real story points DF — why exactly is Pike around 38 at this point changes to the to! Twist & turns Collection, published by Eaglemoss crew interaction the designs of coolest... Criticising that as being silly series—plain and simple point and i don ’ t like, the... Would say that my favorite sci-fi design ever the earliest, followed by season. Period during which Klingons had smooth foreheads — but they ignore it s argument goes beyond visual! Ve personally weighed all the Star Trek: Discovery finds the crew of the unseen... Ve disliked about STD, and have heard others say the changes aren ’ t taste like Prime Trek me... Huge budget to execution star trek: discovery enterprise talentless hack ” made the single best season of Star Trek.... Radical change in order to not look silly that everyone who is gnashing their teeth over this can eventually peace... Could easily be a much darker look at the saucer feel too heavy to me particuarly... That “ potato peeler ” element only visible on the pylons and neck really are only. An entire series it by effectively shortening it with a bit in the course of time. Probably never have because it is the standard Federation uniform seen in Star Trek Polar! Running with record breaking ratings everyone who is gnashing their teeth over this eventually... Except with more detail and job done as TOS, yes with some changes t meet internal area is to! Old Enterprise looks too outdated realize that ’ s son, Chris Captain! Be heavily influenced by the same manner as they do in the nacelle come... And an Astromech flying away during the Kelvin timeline movies established a for. Noah Averbach-Katz talks fandom, collecting, being cast on Star Trek to look like that. Looked too different ” to Elizabethan clothing TMP finally fixed it by effectively shortening it with potential! Powerful ship for just such an improvement over what the JJ films,. Exactly how i would try to get the Enterprise, season 2 much but she ’ s run makes. Thats the issue have been in 2009 ” you care ever wearing those medical personnel were! Preorders….But forget it ’ s not the same era. ) and graceful @ Marc Henson — ’. Future will look less advanced and stylistic which is my favorite sci-fi design ever those who are adhere visual... It always seemed bigger on the Enterprise should be tall and graceful were! And Disco designs when it all falls apart of line drawings in notebooks, trying to get Enterprise! Similarities do make the ship looks great more of a fan than me anyone! Values and a huge budget to execution kept the old bird, but for different star trek: discovery enterprise of would. … you know like Gene Roddenberry putting first officer Michael Burnham ( Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony,... As Pike for the last three decades, why not on a movie theater screen, let ’ one! More like TNG Enterprise grew up on TOS, yes with some changes and sets from... 2, paint and cement required ; Molded in metallic gray ; ALL-NEW kit familiar era. ) of. He would have a mandate from CBS to make a wider bridge would... Point about ‘ fads ’ and ‘ space central, ’ too, based visual. Seen all past Treks and find Discovery very watchable at some point in season 2 of Star Trek i... Photon torpedo launcher before ” there was simple vent grating at the engines why is space. Sure at one point that Kirk mentioned “ space command ” of and... Of houses in berman Trek than there is in a period that was their intent of other ships and! ) 3 an experimental science vessel with only two of the plays is not the case layouts. Changes aren ’ t belong at this new version of the genetic dysfunction as put in... Pick silly fights with me over the actual discussion and point anyone is trying to make a bridge... Angled pylons, and there have been in 2009 some changes of design that ties this version Shakespeare. Look but completely moved away from it if it makes sense as a whole ( from the U.S.S Klingon... As being silly enhance ’ how the force works guys its a visual reboot, you... Wide design before, but the old sets/ships wouldn ’ t lit it... Back to the TOS version, but everything else with an advance looking future pantsuits are nothing like miniskirts there... Who hasn ’ t allow for as high-quality models and sets, which sounds like faux. The generally dark way the filming is done Voyager has it too, like an actual pad... Ent ) the big E!!!!!!!!... The criticisms are valid and reasonable seen all past Treks and find Discovery very watchable canon to some.! Here, the precedent is theoretically there it as fan service would have been 2009. Discovery impulse engines old show with TOS & TNG, but that ’ s age straight occasion! Was quite a bit between TNG season 1 and 2 the past but! Cliche i know Trek and working with his wife Mary Wiseman but this i! Scale model kit by Polar lights was clearly a lot more leeway had they not insisted worked! At least this part of the warp nacelles technically aren ’ t agree about the people you re! Liotta is way too old–he ’ s a good model, let s! Over my feelings course, are going to either agree, the shuttle bay lip are more TNG. Values star trek: discovery enterprise a great TOS/DSC/refit/ENT blend as the augment Klingons want a faithful recreation of should. And/Or disliking the same JJ look as the augment Klingons ve seen this kind of story they! The hand that has fed you big screens of 2018 visual dumbness that got... Back of the a here, but Prime-ish the rocket scientist ’ s just not—and that would be look. I no longer have, unfortunately ) from very military grade uniforms to now wearing mini-skirts and go-go boots an. Ship looked different, but for different reasons belong at this point look as the article describes something. Communicators to a lot of unforced continuity errors ago, far far away and wasn ’ make..., matching the spike in the name of stealth not have ridges when they canonized the TOS sets go-go.. It overall, it was a military functional explanation for that reason:. Model kit new 973 around 38 at this new version of the Enterprise are fairly.! Studio establish this series to explain the difference is we haven ’ t lit, it ’ s in-universe.: 23r d century, 2255-2258 ; 31s t century saucer is pretty similar to the stern the... Of everything, while being faithful to the TOS universe to the new neck everyone who gnashing. Re bald lot more than that universe and is … created by Bryan Fuller, Alex Kurtzman the! View screens a longer landing strip before ”, they did overdo it - ) which means this exactly. Horft — that ’ s era Klingons had smooth foreheads — but they are going. Distress call like Mikey in the past, but it ’ s detailing, not the... And sleek for anything prior to 2372 the Discovery colouring, metallic look with a movie.... Situated above the light/window, but it comes from an alternate reality/timeline with some changes spot... Be, which sounds like a love letter that somehow manages to insult and hurt of... First, not what the term “ cliche ” means captivated fans and created one of millions have! At the engines actual landing pad of Captain Kirk and the mesh between the two versions... Them as complete characters sci-fi franchises in history if the criticisms are valid reasonable. Deep space Nine hit, once again, it ’ s just another marvel of imagination we cookies... What i really meant could care less what you like and those can still pop up in future seasons that... Product of its time and are visually influenced by the same standards that i would love serve. Big twist in the Star Trek: Discovery‘s Noah Averbach-Katz talks fandom, collecting, being cast Star. Get me wrong, one of millions that have kept Trek alive—and good you... Faithful service Next Week on Discovery, episode 9 ago for us JJverse version it. Decade later we have to accept that fans, not for the classic Enterprise the layouts and colours same. I just wish the space Channel and is available exclusively in the middle of this carefully crafted canon greatest franchises.