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We firmly believe in our company’s future and our people, the combination of commitment to our core values, technical expertise, experience and creation will enable us to continue to deliver for our clients and partners.

Operation fields

Construction and project management

The company was established on 23rd November 2006 in the area of the international and national trade. After given the construction work permit by the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development in 2008, we began our operation by building our first establishment, which was five-storey building with half-storey on top and basement that housed 16 families. We also built 108-family apartment building, 5021m square 5-storey office building, heating establishment, manhole, power grid, concrete drainage pipes, and winning the construction bid in 2011, nine surrounding facilities for the 1,300,000 tons/year iron ore processing plant between 2011 and 2012 /an office building, a hotel, two cafeterias, a concentrator plant workers accommodation, an outside shower, a garage, a laboratory, an equipment warehouse/; and concentrator mine establishment corpus between 2012 and 2014.

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We built the petrol station for internal operation of 21st field production base at Yalalt, 2nd bag of Khalkh Gol soum of Dornod aimag in 2015 at the order of PetroChina Daqing Tamsag LLC for Petroleum exploration works under the agreement between Mongolian and Chinese Governments and handed over 2500m2 concrete pavement for parking lots of heavy machinery.

Construction material manufacturing

In relation with the housing projects implemented by the Mongolian Government in recent years, infrastructure developments in the construction sector have been rapidly growing and therefore the demand to use basic construction materials such as sand and gravel increased. In order to provide for the demand of main construction materials such as sand and gravel, we established Yadam Od LLC in 2014 to produce sand and gravel to provide for our own company’s needs and furthermore, for the road and bridge construction and concrete and mortar companies in Ulaanbaatar. Since then, we have been operating in Elst Khairkhan in the 12th khoroo of Khan-Uul district with the certification # MV-014382.



We work on the following business fields: Project management and Consultancy, Construction management, and Construction material manufacturer.