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We firmly believe in our company’s future and our people, the combination of commitment to our core values, technical expertise, experience and creation will enable us to continue to deliver for our clients and partners.

About company

Sairam Bulgan LLC began its operation in 2006 in the construction sector to participate in and contribute to the country’s development.
A construction work permit was given by the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development and we financed and built our first building, which was a five-storey building with an extra half-storey on top and a basement floor that housed 16 families. The state building commission checked and accepted the first building, and that inspired us to continue our determined work.
Thus we continued our construction work including:

  • For Zheng Yuan LLC located in 10th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district in 2010 we built the five-storey office building with basement floor, an outside mechanical room, manhole, power grid, and concrete drainage pipes which a person can fit and work inside;
  • In 2010, construction work of 12-storey building with basement floor that houses 108 families located in 1st khoroo of Bayanzurkh district;
  • We won the construction bid of 1,300,000 tons/year iron ore processing plant by Shanjin Ord LLC in Gobi-Ugtaal soum of Dundgobi aimag in 2011 and built nine surrounding facilities for the plant between 2011 and 2012 (an office building, a hotel, two cafeterias, a concentrator plant workers accommodation, an outside shower, a garage, a laboratory, an equipment warehouse);
  • Between 2012 case study writing and 2013, we, also, built a heating facility, a home waste water treatment facility, an equipment warehouse, mining equipment repair center, and completed construction work for a diesel generator for iron ore processing plant by Shanjin Ord LLC in Gobi-Ugtaal soum of Dundgobi aimag
  • Between 2013 and 2014 we built the following establishments for the iron ore processing plant
      • Main corpus (9696.4 m) of the concentrator plant, which is built with 29,85m tall concrete column base with metal carcass and sandwich panel and insulated by glass wool.
      • 49,24m heavy machinery garage that is built with sandwich panels and metal carcass.
      • 55,9m water refiner station, which is built with sandwich panels and metal carcass. The water well is made of cast iron and concrete.

    Purchase digoxin classification

    • 28,12m sands refinery station
    • Mine waste concentrating pool that has 28m diameter
    • 2124m sieving construction that is 9.1m tall with base level of 9.1m and is made of concrete.
    • Small and medium crusher departments, with the capacity of 27.21m that is 21.38 m tall with base level of – 5.4m deep. It is made of cast iron.
    • First large crusher department of exploration facilities of concentrator plant, which is made of 19.16 iron carcass and sandwich panels. It is +9.5m tall with base level of -13.3 m and the crusher is made of cast iron and concrete.
    • 61.677m mill warehouse of exploration facilities of concentrator plant, which is made of cast iron and concrete and the base level is -4m deep and it is 27 m tall
      Moreover, we built a petrol station for the internal operations of 21st field production base at Yalalt, 2nd bag of Khalkh Gol soum of Dornod aimag in 2015 at the order of PetroChina Daqing Tamsag LLC for Petroleum exploration works under the agreement between Mongolian and Chinese Governments and the following successful collaborations have been undertaken since then;Providing documentations for petroleum constructions and buildings built between 2011 and 2016 and preparing the buildings to be inspected by
  • State Building commission
  • Building 2500 m2 concrete pavement for parking lots of heavy machinery
  • Under the frames of the project Ta- 2016 exploration increasing facilities of 21st field, 49 oil pits, 16 water poles, and translation works of complete construction plan of 4 loading pipes;
  • Ta-complete construction plan of water heating plant of 21st field translation works were accomplished and the cooperation was confirmed.
    The key to completing these projects successfully was our skilled employers, their supporting families, the caring management team and the collaboration between each and every one of us, who learns from one another and develops together. We are encouraged by our success from previous projects and plan to work with much enthusiasm in the future. We start any project with Lets provide safety before the work starts and follow the OSHMI rules. Therefore, we have been operating without any accidents for the past decade, which is a great source of pride.
    Our company expands the operation by building a construction material base, operating a sand and gravel factory to provide for demand of the construction sector since 2014, and opening a garage, a factory for any type of automatic doors, and factory shop.
    Any work of us impacts the world in positive ways, generates more jobs, and makes a sizeable contribution to the state tax fund.

Success in the past Inspiration in the future


We work on the following business fields: Project management and Consultancy, Construction management, and Construction material manufacturer.